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Pandora's clock DB41988
Nance, John J. Reading time: 13 hours, 22 minutes.

Read by David Hartley-Margolin.

Suspense Fiction



After American 747 flight 66 leaves Germany, a passenger has a heart attack. Pilot James Holland is shocked when London refuses to let him make an emergency landing. The passenger was exposed to a mysterious virus and no country (not even the United States) wants to handle a possible epidemic. Doctor Sanders of the CIA is Holland's only real ally, but Sanders must convince the pilot of that in time to save him. Strong language and violence. Bestseller.

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Carrying a passenger infected with a deadly supervirus, a 747's pilot searches desperately for a place to land in this suspenseful tour de force from New York Times-bestselling author John J. Nance On a snowy road in a German forest, Prof. Ernest Helms sees a man trying to break into his car. After a scuffle, Helms escapes with his vehicle, unharmed except for a cut on his hand. Hours later, he collapses aboard a flight from Frankfurt to New York. Capt. James Holland radios London to plan an emergency landing to save Helms. And then the nightmare begins. Heathrow denies Holland permission to land because Helms has been stricken with an ultracontagious pathogen that threatens the entire planet. When Germany also refuses to let him land, Holland and his passengers are prisoners of the sky, caught between a deadly disease and a world that would rather shoot down their plane than risk contamination by guiding it to safety.
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