About Tom Dekker and iHabilitation Canada Tom Dekker is the founder and proprietor of iHabilitation Canada, founded in Toronto in 2011, and now based in Victoria BC, on the west coast of Canada. Tom is a Vision Rehabilitation Therapist (Mohawk College, 2005). iHabilitation's mission is to provide inclusively designed books and videos that facilitate touch-screen learning and teaching for people with vision or reading disabilities. These products improve access to the information, service providers and social networks that are working to improve quality of life world-wide. The iHabilitation process is a set of resources for teaching gestures and mental mapping techniques that facilitate the development of muscle memory to achieve greater proficiency with an Apple touchscreen interface. These methods can be applied equally to Android and other touchscreen interfaces as they become more accessible. iHabilitation teaches gestures through a combination of physical demonstration and use of the keyboard help mode. It develops mental mapping skills through use of SpeedDots screen protectors in conjunction with our "Feel'n'See Screenshots for iOS" book and its free companion videos. Our newest book, "Feel'n'See Screenshots for iOS9", is now available. These screenshots combine tactile diagrams and large text to describe the layout of iPhone and iPad screens, native apps, and the location of device controls. The book is available in three versions: large text only (minimum 20 point), braille only, and dual-mode braille and large text. We also offer resources for supporters of low- and no-vision users - Teachers of the Vision-Impaired, family, friends, and colleagues. Each screenshot has a companion teaching video to facilitate orientation and to demonstrate how the Voiceover screen-reader's gestures are used to navigate and manipulate the interface. Our methods develop and assist in acquiring or increasing proficiency in: " gesture performance " using "drag" to replace "flick" as a primary navigation mode " increased spatial awareness resulting in more rapid adaptation when learning new apps, and " increased ability to work within a visual frame of reference when receiving assistance or support from sighted persons. More information available at www.ihabilitation.ca. Tom's contact: 1+250-661-9799 or me@tomdekker.ca.