TEK TALK WELCOMES NOLAN CRABB, Director of Assistive Technology, Ohio State University, THE BASICS OF PODCASTING

Podcasting Basics will include the following topics:

1. What Constitutes a Podcast and How Easily Are They Found, Downloaded, and Played?
2. Before You Touch a Microphone: Things You'll Need to Consider Before the Recording Begins
3. Recording Your Podcast On a Budget: You Don't Have to be Wealthy to do This
4. Talking to Yourself May be Fun, But Getting Your Podcast Out To Others Is Even More Fun
5. A Very Brief Word About Copyrighting
6. A Sampling of What's Already Out There and Other Resources to Get You Started

Presenter: Nolan Crabb, Director of Assistive Technology, Ohio State University
E-Mail: Nolan.crabb@gmail.com