Tek Talk Welcomes Chris Gray, President, The ALLIANCE FOR Braille Literacy

The Alliance for Braille Literacy was founded in March, 2013, to promote braille literacy and to ensure that any new braille systems adopted in the United States would provide state-of-the-art codes for braille readers and blind students in this country. The impetus for the formation of this group is the adoption, by BANA, of UEB (Unified English Braille) code as the official braille code for the United States. Many of us, especially those concerned about quality braille materials for blind students in all the academic pursuits they might choose, including that of science and mathematics believe UEB to be inadequate.
Although UEB is possibly adequate for standard literary text, we feel it is totally unacceptable in science and math.

Anybody who cares about quality braille, especially in math and science, can join the Alliance. The membership dues are $25.00/year. Also, we are a 501(c)3 corporation so any donations made to the organization are tax deductable. For more information, email chris@moblind.org or go to our website, all4braille.com.


Alliance for Braille Literacy to be Featured on Tek Talk, May 23

Alliance for Braille Literacy
5453 Chippewa Street
St. Louis, MO 63109
May 11, 2016

The Alliance for Braille Literacy http://www.all4braille.com is honored to appear on Tek Talk, http://www.accessibleworld.org in the Pat Price room, on Monday, May 23. We appreciate the opportunity to discuss braille, particularly as it can be used in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (the STEM fields). We will be discussing the vacuum created in these fields and elsewhere by BANA's handling of braille reform and discuss far better alternatives for braille users than UEB.

"I believe that people will be shocked when they hear about how children have been abandoned in all of the technical fields," says Chris Gray, President of the Alliance and their representative on Tech Talk. "STEM education represents the future for blind children and by its actions, BANA is squandering that future for them."

We will also discuss the fourth annual meeting of the Alliance for Braille Literacy which will be held in St.
Louis on
October 29 and 30. All who care about braille are cordially invited to the ABL Annual Meeting.

Please join us for Tech Talk in the Pat Price room at http://www.accessibleworld.org at 5:00 Pacific, 8:00 Eastern. If you are unfamiliar with this site, come 10 minutes early and enjoy socializing with other participants and getting familiar with the site.

Again, ABL wishes to thank Tek Talk for this oportunity to share vital information about braille.

Presenter: Chris Gray, President
The Alliance for Braille literacy