Tek Talk presents Mr. Gabe Vega, CEO of Commtech LLC, located in Phoenix, AZ

Tek Talk presents Mr. Gabe Vega, CEO of Commtech LLC, located in Phoenix, AZ.

Gabe Vega is one of the most well-known, well respected and popular Tech Consultants in the southwestern United States. Fastly approaching ten years in the information technology and communications field Gabe Vega has built one of the most reliable, dependable and expert driven companies to be on the seen in Phoenix AZ.

Gabe’s experience includes running his own company (which he will explain) since November, 2005. Gabe covers a full gamete of computer related information, repairs, and remote services in the Southwest United States and will work with his company throughout the entire country either by folks sending their computer or mobile equipment to him, or by telephone remote.

Gabe has provided support for hardware/software troubleshooting in person, over the telephone and from a remote location to state employees from Yuma, to Tucson in and around the Phoenix AZ area. Gabe has provided and written training manuals and classes to employees in need of training for specific job related skills.

Interests include Apple, Microsoft, Linux, Unix Mobile Platform Development, etc.

Gabe will be discussing all of the variations of technology he covers, what services he offers, and just how he can assist you with most computer related issues covering a number of operating systems.

Co-Chair, Ken Metz

Co-Chair: Alan Lemly