Tek Talk presents Marty Schultz, Founder/Developer of Blindfold Games

This Monday Marty will be focusing on his development of Blindfold Games giving blind and visually impaired iPhone users the opportunity to enjoy many games which sighted persons play for leisure.
Marty has an impressive bio which states:
“Mr. Schultz is a mentor-speaker, an angel fund investor, and has started several companies over his career.

Marty mentors entrepreneurs and presents at startup and venture capital conferences on how to bootstrap and grow software startups. His presentations include "Lessons learned from bootstrapping companies", and "How my hobby - Blindfold Games - has brightened the lives of thousands".
He is the founder of Blindfold Games, an app development company that builds accessible games for the visual impaired community.

Mr. Schultz was a founder of McGruff SafeGuard, a partnership with the National Crime Prevention Council and McGruff the Crime Dog, that monitored your child's potentially dangerous online activity; a co-founder of eSped, an educational SaaS company focusing on school districts providing services for special need students; and founder of Omtool, a enterprise messaging company for Fortune 500 companies.   
He holds a Certificate from the Harvard Business School Owner/President Program and earned a B.S. and M.S. from Carnegie Mellon.”
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