Tek Talk presents CathyAnne Murtha, Access Technology Institute, LLC Facebook

For this coming Monday's Tek Talk program, we have a long-time trainer in adaptive technology, CathyAnne Murtha, who will be presenting a training/discussion on a topic that came from this chat room, Facebook. CathyAnne told me that she will leave plenty of time for some Q&A.

CathyAnne Murtha is an Access Technology Trainer and author of textbooks and training materials for blind and visually-impaired consumers and trainers. She got her start in online training in the mid-1990s conducting online seminars in the Audio-Tips chat rooms. Today, she teaches classes to end-users, certifies Access Technology Trainers and offers textbooks and training materials on her website at
. You can also find her on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Patreon.

CathyAnne’s contact information is:

CathyAnne Murtha
Access Technology Institute, LLC
(520) 300-7859

Co-Chair, Ken Metz
Email: kenmetz1946@gmail.com

Co-Chair: Alan Lemly
Email: walemly@gmail.com