Tek Talk is please to Feature Lynnette Tatum, Accessibility officer, The Portable Guide app with Shortcut keys for Word

My name is Lynnette Tatum and for 20 years I instructed students in the use of Microsoft Office--Word, Excel and PowerPoint specifically). During this time I prepared and distributed copious notes in a variety of formats.
It was with this thought in mind that I decided to create an app consisting of portable notes for MSWord versions 2010/2013. As I began experiencing vision loss, I learned the power of keyboard shortcuts in that they enabled me to maintain my own employment as well as increase my productivity. I was then able to pass on this vital knowledge and independence to my students.

Knowing I couldn't possibly be the only one out there using Microsoft Word on a Windows PC and iDevices, I also knew that others might benefit from learning a few essential keyboard commands (and how to use them)-whether visually impaired or fully sighted. Twenty-one short lessons guide you from editing to spellchecking to formatting and more--with a bit of humor. Within individual topics, you also have access to Essential commands that you'll use on a regular basis. It is the portable guide I wish I'd had when learning any application.

This app is fully accessible with the Voiceover screen reader and should be compatible with other accessibility features.

We sincerely hope you find the app useful and welcome your feedback.

Link to MLWordTips -- Quick keyboard tips for MSWord on the ITunes AppStore

Thank you,
Lynnette Tatum
Phone: 917.330.7159
Email: malyn1987@verizon.net