Tek Talk Features Joseph Norton Discussing Accessible Windows 10 Future Upgrade

This evening's Tek Talk program will feature Mr. Joseph Norton who will be discussing a podcast he recently produced. What Joseph will be speaking about is the accessible install of Windows 10, and he may also have some good news about recovery, and system repair options available through recovery media.

Joseph attended the Georgia Academy for the Blind and then completed high school in a mainstream program. He worked in customer service at Mohawk Industries for 15 years. Joseph then left there and has since worked on a lot of his interests which have included computer related subjects such as playing around with different operating systems and configurations and trying to discover both limits and limitations.

Joseph stated, “ I enjoy helping folks solve computer problems.  Once, I helped a sighted person get access to the Web.  He was using America On-line, had spent 2 hours with a customer service rep, and had not been helped.  I asked him about his system, set up a similar configuration, found his problem and helped him get around it, and he was on the Web, in about 15 minutes, as opposed to 2 hours.  Of course, I spent probably an hour figuring things out, but, they moved fast when we got on the phone.”

Joseph is married and has two children, 6 and 12, who keep him extremely busy and take up most of his time when he’s not involved with computers.

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