Tek Talk Features Bill Kociaba, Taking a Cruise

A vacation is by its nature supposed to be a chance to escape the stresses of life. However many times those stresses can follow you. Once you get to your hotel you still have to find local dining spots and entertainment. This can add both additional stress and expense to your trip especially if you are blind or visually limited. The perfect answer is to take a cruise.
Bill Kociaba, a former travel agent and vetern traveler with more than 50 cruises under his beltwill share his experiences.
"my parents got me hooked on cruising when I was a kid and its still my favorite type of vacation". Kociaba states, "When I started booking cruises I reached out to the local Lighthouse and booked sevral clients. There were never any accessability issues and the cruise lines are all very cooperative when it comes to accommodating a service dog."
"A cruise is the perfect vacation option. You pay one price and your food, entertainment and accomodations are all included. You go to sleep in one port and wake up in the next. It couldn't be simpeler!"
Some of the topics Kociaba will cover include;
The strengths and weaknesses of the various lines.
How much assistance you can expect to receive.
Availability of braille on the various lines.
Service dog accomodations.
And of course he will do his best to answer any and all of your questions.

To learn more about cruising check out http://www.afb.org/afbpress/pub.asp?DocID=aw170209

Presenter: Bill Kociaba
E-Mail: kociababusiness@gmail.com