Our Cozy Kitchen A Canadian Thanksgiving

Can you believe it? Is it really time for Ruth Ann and I to present another show to you?
Canada has celebrated its Thanksgiving which means ours isn't far behind. The weather is finally getting cooler in some parts of the country. Most of us in the United States change our clocks to Central Standard Time this weekend.
Join us in the kitchen this Sunday, November 3, 2013, when we'll have Devon Wilkins, both our friend and neighbor to the North share the history of Canadian Thanksgiving and provide a few recipes, discuss new products (especially for the kitchen) we may have learned about or used since the last show, share Thanksgiving recipes with one another, and suggest what we may be asking for or giving to others (for the home) for Christmas and where we're buying it. And, of course, we'll always leave room for whatever questions and other discussion you in the audience may have.
We look forward to seeing you this Sunday, November 3rd.
Should you have suggestions or recipes you'd like to have included on our webpage, feel free to contact either
Ruth Ann Acosta ruth1244@gmail.com or
Susan Lumpkin slumpkin@austin.rr.com