Good morning, afternoon or evening to all of our great chefs, cooks and lovers of good food.

Welcome to "Our Cozy Kitchen". This Sunday, July 28, 2013 from 4 -5 p.m., Pacific Time, and other times around the world listed below, we hope you will be a part of our audience by tuning in to accessibleworld.org and going into the Accessible Kitchen Room. We will have a special guest for a short part of this program, someone you all know very well, Nancy (NJ) Lynn who wants to talk to you for a few minutes about coffee. Nancy states: "Do you like to drink coffee? Suppose you could drink your morning cup of joe and be energized without your heart racing and your body being stressed out.
Do you like fruits and vegetables? What if you could drink just 3 ounces of a beverage and have the antioxidant equivalent of 21 servings of those fruits and vegetables.
Join us in the Cozy Kitchen Sunday July 28 and learn how you can have these great products.
Get paid to drink coffee. Check it out at

And, now that summer is well under way and we have had tremendous heat waves throughout the United States and Canada with more hot weather expected, it's time we have our annual discussion regarding barbecuing and grilling. Hopefully some of you have obtained some brand new recipe ideas in this category of fine eats and will be willing to share them with us. Perhaps some of you are aware of some new grilling equipment which will make it easier to use including, but not limited to, more easily getting the fire started, especially if using charcoal.

Let's have some fun with great coffee and wonderful barbecuing ideas, and if you have a favorite beer or wine, we'll listen to that as well.

If you would like to email any questions ahead of the program, please email Ruth Ann or myself at the email addresses listed below in this Newswire.

We look forward to a real treat this Sunday with NJ Lynn visiting Our Cozy Kitchen to talk about coffee along with a great discussion on barbecuing and grilling.

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