KLAS, Library Management for Talking Book Libraries

Presenter: Mitake Holloman Burts, Keystone Systems Product Manager
919-782 1143. Email: mitake@klas.com.

Do you have access to your Talking Book library 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week? At any time of the day or night can you independently search the
complete catalog, select the books you want, and order them directly from
your computer? If you are a patron of 75 of the 141 libraries in the
National Library Service (NLS) network , you can answer a resounding YES to
these questions. Why? Because your library has had the foresight to install
the comprehensive Keystone Library Automation System (KLAS).

During this week's international Tek Talk training event, you will learn
directly from Mitake Burts, the person responsible for leading the system
design and bringing the new technology to the KLAS development efforts, just
what is involved in setting up a library, how the information stored helps
libraries provide efficient service to patrons, and options that are
available for patrons to customize their service according to their needs
and preferences.