Kim Komando podcast How technology is making the impossible possible

In October of 2016,Jonathan Mosen of Freedom Scientific, makers of
JAWS for Windows emailed to ask me if I'd like to participate in a
podcast with the topic of Asistive Technology.
I said yes and so a few days later the producer of the Kim Komando
Tech podcast entitled Komando on Demand contacted me.
they were interested in doing a podcast on those of us who use
assistive technology.
Kim Komando has been a nationally known broadcaster and does a weekly
show on computers and tech which can be heard on radio stations all
over the world.
For a list visit her website It is heard in Southern
California at 8 AM on Saturdays on KABC Los Angeles 790.
the podcast was very well done and runs about 22 minutes. My segment
is short and begins toward the end of the show.
Of course we talk about my employment at disney Travel.