Journey through History to review Founding Rivals

Journey through History to review ‘Founding Rivals.’
Christopher M. DeRose is a New York Times bestselling American author and former professor of law who presently serves as Senior Litigation Counsel for the Arizona Attorney General. Politically active since age fifteen he interned for the Speaker of the House of Representatives while in college. He brings a unique insight into the crucial political events which led to the creation of the Bill of Rights which he theorizes held the thirteen colonies together to form a nation.

Founding rivals: Madison vs. Monroe, the Bill of Rights, and the election that saved a nation DB 88352
DeRose, Chris, (Christopher)
. Reading time 9 hours, 41 minutes.

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Adam Verner
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U.S. History

Description: An account of the 1789 race between James Madison and James Monroe for a congressional seat and a discussion of the ramifications of the outcome. Though they were friends and political allies, Madison and Monroe stood in direct opposition in their opinions regarding the Constitution.