Arman Ghodousi is
an inquisitive scientist with a passion for solving real-world problems with simple, practical, and creative scientific solutions. In 2013, Arman decided to pursue his own passion and launched a technology company to bridge the gap between high-tech laboratory research and the needs of undeserved populations.

Even prior to launch of the company, he noticed that the disabled population had limited cost-effective technological innovations geared toward mobility independence. Blind people in particular had no means of protecting their upper body from overhanging objects such as tree branches and low ceilings. The launch of this company provided a suitable platform for him to provide a cost-effective solution to help blind people avoid running into overhanging obstacles, which resulted in our first product, Sonar Glasses.

Sonar Glasses are designed to increase mobility independence for the blind and visually impaired. They complement the white cane and guide dog by detecting obstacles above waist level (such as tree limbs, signs, walls, people, low ceilings, etc.). The technology is based on echolocation, similar to the way bats navigate in the dark. The glasses emit sound waves and measure the time to receive sound reflected by nearby objects.

The glasses have been presented at the NFB Maryland, Virginia and DC conventions.
Presenter: Nichole Sullivan, Research engineer

Contact Information for interest in glasses: Jeff Shad
Director, Sales & Marketing
(571) 297-4756