Finding Your Way Through Gigabytes and WiFi.

Presenter: Jeff Levy of KNX Radio Computer News.
This week the Accessible World Tek Talk event ws privileged to have as its guest Jeff Levy of KNX Radio, Nationally renowned computer expert whose unique and entertaining style has helped hundreds of thousands abandon their fear of technology, solve the problems they may encounter and live harmoniously with our Computerized friends. He believes the human brain is the most powerful supercomputer on the planet and uses his to unmask the mystery and confusion that surrounded these, and every future model and type of computer and computerized gadgets. In short, Mr. Levy takes the complex and makes it understandable.
Have you ever asked yourself these questions: What should I consider when buying a new laptop or desktop computer? What's the difference between wireless Web and WiFi? How does a plasma screen work? What are computer viruses? What is spyware? Are there any breakthroughs in terms of either memory or hard disk storage capacity? What new features are being included in new computers? > Are they building in wireless capabilities into the new desktops? How is Win-Vista being received in general? Has Microsoft done a good job building a more secure operating system? Is the user interface easier to navigate than previous versions of Windows? Do refrigerators with computers in their doors really save me from having spoiled milk? My computer keeps shutting down, why? Why can't I print with this new printer? Is it important to use disk cleanup, disk defrag and scandisk to keep my computer running smoothly? What should I do with temporary files and cookies?
While we cannot guarantee each question will be answered, we are confident you will leave the session with a much broader knowledge of your computer than ever before.