cozy Kitchen Special Guest Sheldon Metz

Good morning, afternoon and evening to all our listeners and new listeners to "Our Cozy Kitchen" We will present a special guest on "our Cozy Kitchen", Sheldon Metz, yes, my older Brother, who, as a hobby, is a gourmet cook. Sheldon is now retired, and grew up with me with a great influence in the cooking world given to us by our Russian Grandmother. He is going to cover both Easter recipes and Passover as well as he has been involved in doing a lot of fundraisers in his life along with numerous family dinners for all types of holidays. Sheldon will talk about all kinds of homemade holiday recipes as well as some of the interesting dinners he has put on in his lifetime.

Sheldon was extremely involved in directing a great number of plays in small and medium theaters in the Los Angeles Area when he lived here, and is now doing the same in Tucson where he now resides with his wife Linda. Sheldon also used to work for a living putting together an abundant number of trade shows including many foods over a number of years which included a tremendous amount of travel to such countries as China, etc.

My Brother can probably answer most questions about cooking, especially for Easter and Passover that you may have, and we're bringing this program to you a month earlier than usual in order to allow you time to get the necessary ingredients for the holidays so that you, too, can prepare that great feast should you wish to do so.

If you are looking for specific Easter and Passover recipes and have questions, please tune in this Sunday. We certainly look forward to your participation.