Computer Donation Program

Helping Hands for the Blind
21500 Lassen St., No. 178
Chatsworth, California 91311. The phone numbers are the same.
Phone: 818-998-0044

Dear Friend:

In today's competitive world it is vital that blind and visually impaired students are given opportunities to master a wide range of current technologies. Students who are blind and visually impaired face many challenges both in and out of the classroom setting. It is imperative that a broad range of education/life opportunities are provided to these students in order for them to stay competitive with their sighted peers. During these difficult economic times, it is extremely difficult to receive funding for these crucial technology programs.

Helping Hands for the Blind is working with Mr. Dan Thompson of the Aspire project, to address this important issue. The ASPIRE "Achieving Success by Providing Individuals with Recycled Equipment" project's goal is to maintain a bank of computer equipment. The donated or used computers are rebuilt and then given to a visually impaired child or adult to increase their technological competence, thus expanding both educational and employment opportunities.

Your thoughtful donation of computers will enhance their technological competence, which in turn, will enrich their educational/everyday life experiences

No money exchanges hands and no equipment can be sold. Each recipient returns the computer package for upgrades, or, when they no longer need the use of the equipment.

Software is donated by Mr. Thompson and Helping Hands for the Blind. We continue to seek out equipment for this part of the project.

As a totally blind individual Mr. Thompson has experienced first hand the challenges that blind people experience as they strive to achieve success.
Your thoughtful contribution of used or new computers to those deserving blind persons will increase their opportunities for success and will help them achieve full and productive lives.
Please consider Helping Hands for the Blind should you wish to donate a computer to a worthy cause. Thank you.

Robert Acosta, President
Helping Hands for the Blind