In CELEBRATION OF THE BIRTHDAY OF LONG-TIME TALKING BOOK NARRATOR Alexander Scourby, DB-Review, the digital books discussion list presents a discussion of the book: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, DB43591

for several weeks, members of db-review have been reading this widely acclaimed book as part of the list's annual fall classic. This year, we will have the distinct pleasure of hearing from the man who narrated the book, Mr. John Polk. He will discuss his unique experiences with the book from his side of the microphone, and those who attend the book discussion will be able to talk about their perspectives and ask John questions.

Published 129 years ago, Huck Finn has become not only an American classic but an internationally loved perennial must read. The book details the story of a young man's adventure on a raft on the Mississippi River in the company of an escaping slave and a host of memorable characters. The 1996 edition we will read includes material cut by publishers of earlier editions.

We discussed this classic book and thereby celebrate the memory of the late Alexander Scourby. november 13 marks the 101st anniversary of his birth.
Hosts: Nolan Crabb, Don Horn