Accessible World Tek Talk presents Rick Harmon discussing Podcasting

Rick Harmon will discuss the topic of Podcasts on Monday, June 7th 2010 on Accessible World's tek talk. He will tell us what a podcast is, where to get them and how to play them on your computer or portable device. He will talk about a couple of different pod catchers usable by blind persons, including Accessible podcatcher, Juice and iTunes. He will show us several places where we can find podcasts to download. Rick will also briefly talk about what is necessary to create a podcast as well. After the demonstration, Rick will take questions from the virtual audience.

Here are the links to the podcast catching clients I talked about in my podcast demonstration.

Juice website:

Accessible Podcatcher website:

iTunes website:

Here are some podcast websites to get you started in listening to podcasts. Most are blindness related.

Podcast feed sources:

Blind Podcasters:

Podcast alley:

SeroTalk podcast:

Blind Cool Tech:


Tech Access Weekly, by Erin and Rodney Edgar, concerning accessible technology, . :

The Randomage podcast:

Our place podcast:

This is just a very brief list of places that will get you started with listening to podcasts. I hope it's helpful to you and that you have found a new and fun hobby.

Presenter: Rick Harmon