Accessible World Tek Talk Features The New Brailletouch with Dr. Mario Romero, Georgia Tech School of Computing

Are you tired of buying all that expensive equipment necessary for use with your smart phone? An exciting new app has been developed which will put an end to former use as you’ve known it. During this upcoming presentation, you will hear about a brand new app called the Braille Touch sure to revolutionize your smart phone use in months to come. To learn about this innovative new app and its myriad possibilities, join us for a discussion which will make you want this app for your very own.

Dr. Mario Romero is a Fulbright Scholar from Ecuador, where he graduated from Universidad San Francisco de Quito. He received his Master in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign AND earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Romero specializes in Human-Computer Interaction. He directs the Child Study Lab where researchers use computational methods to understand the behavior of children with autism. And is the Principal Investigator of BrailleTouch, an eyes-free text entry application for touchscreen smartphones and tablets. An app called BrailleTouch is about to open up the world of communication for Android phone users. The Braille Touch will make it possible for blind people to send text messages and type e-mails on touch-screen smartphones without buying costly expensive equipment. To use the app, users hold their phones with the screens facing away from them and punch combinations of six touch-screen buttons to form characters. The app speaks a letter aloud after it's been registered, so there's no need to see the screen.

The free app, which is being developed for Apple iOS and Google Android devices, should be available in a matter of weeks. On Android phones, the BrailleTouch app can be programmed in as the phone's standard keyboard.

Presenter: Dr. Mario Romero, Tek Talk Planning Team, Access Technology Consultant