Accessible World Presents Special Program Series With Velma Gross

When you write an email or letter, do you wonder what rules should be followed in specific situations?In our desire to use correct punctuation, do we overdo the use of commas? When should they be used. Why have dashes become so popular and what is their purpose. When should hyphens be used and how do they differ from dashes? When is it proper to write time consuming instead of time-consuming? Are their hints we can use to make our writing more clear and concise? Have the rules of paragraph structure changed? When should titles be underlined? What rules should be used for envelopes?
Did you know there are rules for whether numbers should be written out in words or in numbers? Velma Gross, a retired technology teacher will share her expertise on these and many other questions. With an ever growing need for effective communication, it is important that proper punctuation be used. If you want to brush up on rules of writing, or if you just love discussing and learning proper rules, I invite you to Velma's presentation in the special program series.