Accessible World presents Orion 18 Braille Tablet by LevelStar – So much more than a notetaker by Mark Mulcahy and Guido D. Corona

LevelStar LLC is proud to announce the powerful Orion 18 Braille tablet, developed in partnership with American Printing House for the Blind (APH). Sporting an 18-cell Braille display with router keys, and speaking with the stunningly natural Ivona Speech, Orion 18 is The World’s first notetaker for the blind powered by Android, the mobile environment that is taking the World by storm. With its highly ergonomic and quiet Braille keyboard, and packed with the most advanced features ever integrated into a Braille notetaker, the sleek Orion 18 Braille tablet is compact enough to fit in a purse or coat pocket.

Discover the Orion 18 Advantage

* Talk with your friends, family, and colleagues from virtually anywhere, with Orion’s integrated cell phone.
* Slide Orion 18 into its handsome carrying case, and then walk to work, to school, along busy city streets, or explore quaint vacation spots, assisted by its powerful GPS navigation.
* Take a quick snapshot of a printed menu, a magazine, or even a book page with Orion’s built-in 5Mp camera, and then read them on the go.
* Stay connected! Orion’s fast wireless and 3G broadband let you work, study, and play virtually anywhere you are.
* Find and download your favorite Bookshare EBooks on the go; conveniently read them on Orion’s refreshable Braille display, or let Orion’s human-like speech read them to you.
* Play your favorite music on Orion’s stereo speakers.
* Quickly record a short voice note, or an entire lecture, with Orion’s integrated microphone.
* Jot down notes for meetings and lectures, or comfortably write documents with Orion’s intuitive word processor, and then save files in popular formats.
* Thanks to Orion 18’s staggering 32GB of internal solid-state storage, Experience the full power of Android, and enjoy third party programs.

Product availability: 4th quarter 2011. Pricing to be announced.

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For more information about Orion 18, and one chance to win an Orion 18 Braille tablet, E-mail Orion at Include your name, address, and phone number, or call LevelStar toll-free: (800) 315-2305, extension 1.

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Presenters: Mark Mulcahy, Levelstar
Guido D. Corona
Directorof Marketing
Levelstar LLC.
685 South Arthur Ave. Unit 1A
Louisville, Colorado

Toll free: (800) 315-2305, x.706