Accessible World Presents Life Portrait Of Helen Keller On Special Program Series by Bonnie Blose

When you think of Helen Keller, what is your reaction? Some feel annoyance or outrage and resent the comparison. Opinions differ from person to person concerning her contribution to our world. In many respects, none of us may ever know the real Helen. High atop a pedestal built and carried forth by others, she remains shrouded in mystery.
What was her family’s attitude toward her deafness and blindness? How did the world se her then? What part did wealth and privilege play in helping her obtain the training and education she needed? Why do so many see her frozen forever in childhood when she went on to accomplish so much?

In the first of a two part series about this remarkable woman, we will concentrate on what happened to the deaf blind before her and the important individuals who played a significant role in laying the ground work for what Helen learned and was able to achieve. An open mind is the beginning of all things. What did Helen enjoy as a little girl? What part did her siblings play in her life? What import does curiosity about the world and intellect play in her development? Is teaching just about the manual alphabet, sign language and speech, reading and writing Braille? Adult participation in the world requires much more. How was Helen taught the value of property and proper interaction with others? Helen was a willing student. Her achievements make this abundantly clear.

Join us for this fascinatingSpecial Program Series in which we will remove the mystery that is still so much a part of our view of Helen. She is a real person who lived and breathed and loved. Keller cared passionately about certain causes and liked and disliked many things. Imperfect as we all are, why is there such a need to make her superhuman? What purpose does this serve for those who keep the pedestal intact. Together, we will remove the myth, restore her presence and come to know a real woman who had hopes and dreams as all of us do.

Presenter: Bonnie Blose