Accessible World Presents A Discussion Of Sleep Disorders During Our Special Program with WilliamHoos, Outreach Specialist, Vanda

We all long for nights of uninterrupted sleep. As we grow older, difficulty going to sleep or remaining so is a common occurrence for almost half of the blind population. Regulated by our internal body clock and determined by the amount of light in our world, restful sleep eludes us. As night after sleepless night goes by, you count up the methods you’ve made and are amazed at the number of unsuccessful remedies you’ve attempted. If reading a dull book or lying in a quiet room has not brought you the rest you long for, what other options can you try. It is an established fact that good sleep makes it easier to face the day ahead and increases your chance for a healthier life.

On the next special program, William Hoos, a representative from Vanda Pharmaceuticals will discuss this troubling issue. Is it really a disorder? What percentage of the population struggle with it? Why do sleep disorders increase as we grow older? How important is light in relation to sleep? Do sleep studies or clinics turn things around? Are there some for whom no remedy is possible? Is medication the answer, or is difficulty sleeping something which must be accepted? Are there aids that assist us in procuring the sleep we need which do not involve medications? When diagnosing a sleep disorder, what information can we record which will assist professionals in a speedy effective solution? Are alternate therapies possible? Can a sleep disorder be entirely cured, and How many are their? Does difficulty going to sleep or remaining so call for vastly different procedures in addressing this challenge? How important are dreams in a good night’s rest?

If you wish, you may take a survey at the below number or at the web site mentioned immediately after which may help you in a beginning determinationof sleep difficulty.

If you think you might be affected, you can call 1-888-389-7033 or email to take a sleep survey or to learn more about an ongoing clinical research study.

Those interested in taking the survey online can go to
If you have just struggled through one more in a long period of sleepless nights or are just beginning to experience difficulty, this is a show you won’t want to miss. Sleep affects how we feel and our relationships with others. Join us for a subject of vital
importance to us all.

Presenter: WilliamHoos, Outreach Specialist, Vanda