Accessible World Invites you to the Debut of Spotlight on Music, hosted by Marcia Moses

A debut of any new event is a time for excitement. Here at Accessible World we are proud to present our first in a regular monthly series called Spotlight on Music.

During our time together learning and listening on Saturday March 10, we will hear about the wide range of Irish music through an expert on the subject, historical novelist and host of a show which covers Irish and Celtic traditions, Nan Hawthorne. What is it? What part do emigrants play? How did this music evolve? Who is most renowned in Irish Rock and folk? Are their specific themes in the lyrics of various types of songs? How does history affect the work of songwriters?

Below you will find information from Nan about the areas she plans to cover during this musical gathering. If you love Irish music or want to know about its various facets, please Join Nan as she takes us on a journey through music and artists no music lover will want to miss.
Nan Hawthorne will cover the following:
1. Talk about the breadth of Irish music I play, from traditional to
rebel to the music of Irish emigrants and thence to Irish rock.
2. Play the music of course.. examples of each and a few more.
3. Talk about Radio Dé Danann, how it came to be, and how anyone can host a station on Live365.

The station is far more than Irish.. I play all Celtic traditions, but I
can mention that in the third part.

The direct link is:

Host, Marcia Moses

Nan Hawthorne