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If looks could kill DB54169
White, Kate. Reading time: 10 hours, 37 minutes.

Read by Barbara Pinolini.

Mystery and Detective Stories


New York crime writer Bailey Weggins helps her friend (and boss), magazine editor-in-chief Cat Jones, discover who poisoned her nanny. Cat fears that she herself was the target as Bailey uncovers adultery, jealousy, and back stabbing among the city's literary elite. Some violence and some strong language. Bestseller. 2002.
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Bailey Weggins, the very clever and the very irreverent true crime writer for leading women's magazine Gloss, is dragged into a murder by her editor-in-chief boss from hell. Cat Jones interrupts Bailey and her lover in the early hours of the morning, demanding that Bailey find her son's nanny, missing from the morning roll call. Bailey arrives at the townhouse and finds the nanny's dead body amidst see-foam towels, vomit, and a golden box of truffles. Death by chocolate becomes literal as forensics soon reveals a garden-variety poison. As Bailey looks into who killed the nanny, her search takes her from the swankiest Connecticut suburbs to Bucks County weekend parties. She discovers that Cat, not the nanny, may have been the intended target of the poisoned candy, and everyone becomes a suspect-especially the catty editors at Gloss, many of whom have it in for the chocoholic boss from hell. Then Bailey uncovers that this may be a conspiracy to do away with all the editor-in-chiefs of women's magazines. The police are on the case, but it is Bailey who closes in on the killer-and learns just what people will do to protect their reputation.
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